WVS045 - HVNCOQ - Selfish

WVS045 - HVNCOQ - Selfish


HVNCOQ has come through with a bold, anomalous new single - SELFISH, off the back of his already-hot 2018 string of releases.

Over some overcast and atmospheric production by way of GXNXVS, the Melbourne-based songwriter delivers a moody yet nonchalant performance that shows off his genre-less flexibility on what is yet another head-nodding occasion.

The slick new single is taken from HVNCOQ’s forthcoming SELFISH EP, his sophomore project following the wide-ranging success of his debut self-titled EP via WVS.

HVNCOQ is far-and-away one of burn city’s most noteworthy new acts, and SELFISH is a left-of-field hit that proves exactly why.

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