Released: 23 June 2017


Following the release of his debut WVS single ‘Sleep Over ft. 360’ and ‘24/7 ft. Manu Crooks’, Queensland native and all-round positive energiser Travy P is about to drop his first solo single, and lead track from his upcoming POINT EP - ‘Real Estate’.

At the forefront of the emerging wave of hip hop in Australia, Travy brings a fresh perspective to the cultural norm of Australian rap - with his charismatic persona, ever-enthusiastic ideas and undying, growing passion for his songwriting and genre. 

The video for ‘Real Estate’ further displays Travy’s passion and commitment for all things creative. The clip was shot during the short film ‘Cino’ premiered at Tropfest (Feb 2017) that Travy also starred in, with fellow Sunshine-state natives, the Jaen Collective. 

“Me & Mira [Miracle] made Real Estate in our 3rd session together. We'd been bumping out tracks for past couple days & where on a roll! I remember him making the beat & I was sitting there just vibing scrolling through my phone & I found this old hook I wrote like a year ago ‘I want a house on a hill, I want a house on a boat’.

It was like a brain blast! I had to reword it a little but the idea was there & that sparked the whole concept. It's a flex song but it's not about having material goods, it's about the manifesting the growth in your mind. Knowing that you’re going to get it! Wanting and needing it! Manu [Crook$] came in when we were half way through the track & with the energy we had in that room that day - I knew I had a banger on my hands.”



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