TRAVY P - 24/7 feat. MANU CROOK$

Released: 31 March 2017

Following the release of his debut WVS single ‘Sleep Over ft. 360’ (over 67k combined online streams), Queenslander and all around positive energiser, Travy P delivers his second single 24/7 - this time featuring Sydney’s man-of-the-moment MC, Manu Crook$.

With a clear appreciation for Golden Era legends like Big L and Lord Finesse, layered with contemporary touches influenced by Kid Cudi and Kanye West, Travy P is the refreshing alternative to the hip-hop fuelled macho bravado and faux gangsterism - and is instead indicative of the local scene’s movement towards a more progressive mindset.

“I just want people to be happy… I'm dynamic because no one sounds like me. I always like switching it up whether it’s a new flow or melody, but mainly when you hear my music, you know it’s me.”

24/7 ft. Manu Crook$ is a taste of the forthcoming Pictures Of Images Never Taken (POINT) EP, that will flood the market with content and visuals in 2017.



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